Ace - Acer ( 0P )

 Acer the Labradoodle


4TH MARCH 2016

Ace now known as Acer 

Ace was so lovely and also loved his cuddles, he was very laid back but did have a grumble about having a bath lol He was gorgeous and

had a wonderful looking coat, we are so looking forward to watching

him grow.

Ace @ 1 week old 

Ace @ 4 weeks old

Ace @ 6 weeks old

Ace @ 8 weeks old

Weight 4kg

Ace went to his new home in Bognor Regis on the 24th of November 2012 and is now going to be known as Acer. I know he will have a

great time and get spoiled rotten by his lovely new family.

Acer looks very happy in his new home

Exploring his new garden

Having a snooze

Lots of new toys to play with

Acer looking very settled

Can I have some?

Acer 9 weeks old

Leaf, what leaf?

Acer getting a big boy

Acer's 1st Christmas in his new home 

Having fun opening his presents 

Look what I've got!

What a cutie

Look how handsome I am

14 Weeks old

Weight 9.5kg

Enjoying the snow

The lovely Acer

Anyone for Footie?

Look how nicely I can sit, now where's my treat?

I'm sure my watch says it's dinner time!

6 Months Old

Weight 16kg

Height 20 inches

11 Months Old

31st August 2013

We are delighted to have Acer here to stay for the weekend, he has turned into a stunning boy with a beautiful curly coat.

The girls will certainly keep him busy, he has also got to

meet his uncle Mac who is also here for the weekend, so he is

not quite completely surrounded by girls! They have all hnada great time in the park and are now fast asleep.

Here comes Acer!

Acer is loving spending time with his sister Rosie

Another new friend for Acer to play with, this is Toby, a lovely Bedlington

Let's Dance

Acer is such a happy little fellow

What a cutie he is

5th September 2013

It was so lovely to see Acer and his family again, he was so good when he stayed and we would be happy to have him back anytime.

He loved spending time with Rosie and had a great time with the boys.

Acer showing off his very long tongue to David

Time for kisses

Rosie and Acer, very happy together 

12 Months Old

Enjoying a swim

Having fun on the beach

Opening his birthday present

That's my present you've got!

Happy 1st Birthday

12th December 2013

We have loved seeing Acer again, he has been having a great time with the girls over the last few days. Rosie has been keeping him busy and both spend their time chasing

each other in the park.

Here are the two mischief makers!

Rosie, Acer and granny Cass

Acer trying his best to catch Rosie

This is what they spend most of their time doing

What a cutie

23 Months old

Acer was 3 years old on the 27th September 2015

A ball to play with, the sea to swim in, it couldn't get any better than that!

Acer is so gorgeous

Come on, who wants to play?

What a handsome boy

6th December 2015

Acer is staying here for the weekend, he had a great time yesterday at the doodle meet and is very happy spending time with the girls and Dexter. He's a really sweetie, loves to give licks and is so well behaved.

He is such a sweet boy

No brakes involved, where doodles are concerned!

Looking so happy

Always time to meet a new friend

Lets go, Lets go, Lets go!

29th February 2016

It's lovely to have Acer back with us again, as always he settles in as if he's never been away. Himself and Rosie get on great and you can just tell their both plotting what the next bit of mischief they can get up to!

What a cutie he is

Us, getting up to mischief, never!

4th March 2016

Acer is having a great time with the girls and also enjoying meeting new friends in the park as well. He is being such a good boy and I'm afraid is being totally spoilt while he is here.


So happy to be in the park


Look at that big smile


Playtime with mum


Always nice to meet new friends


Acer making himself very much at home

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