Pearl The Labradoodle




Pearl was the smallest girl but she certainly made up for that in character. She absolutely delighted in telling her two brothers off and always enjoyed play fighting with them, which of course she always won. She had a stunning dark apricot coat and was such a pretty girl.

Pearl @ 5 days old

Pearl @ 3 weeks old

Pearl @ 6 weeks old

Pearl @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3.6kg

11th April 2015

8 weeks old

Pearl has now gone to live with her new family in Hertfordshire and is going to keep her name, which we are delighted about, as she was especially named after her great granny Cass, who's original puppy name was Pearl. I'm sure she will have lots of fun with her lovely new family.

Looks like she is settling in very well

Lots of exploring to do

I think she has found her favorite spot already

What a little cutie

I'm getting a big girl

5 Months old

Weight 10.43kg

Height 17.7 inches

Hello, my name is Pearl

Taking a rest, it's tiring work being a puppy you know!

What a very cute puppy nose


Look what a big girl I'm getting


What an absolute cutie


Relaxing with her friend

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