Rowen - Oscar

 Oscar The Labradoodle


27th December 2016

Rowen now known as Oscar 

Rowen was such a sweetie, he was always so happy to see everyone and was the first puppy to wag his tail when he was 15 days old and I don't think it ever stopped wagging after that. He was full of life and loved to play but he also loved his sleep and would be completely relaxed on his back with his legs in the air.

Rowen @ 2 weeks old 

Rowen @ 4 weeks old

Rowen @ 6 weeks old

Rowen @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3.8kg

20th August 2016

Rowen stayed with us an extra week, due to his new family's work commitments, it was lovely to be able to spend the extra time with him, he went to his new home in Welwyn on the 20th August 2016 and is now going to be known as Oscar. I'm sure he'll have his new family trained in no time lol.

Settling In

Think it's probably safe to say he has settled in very nicely

Very important job that is, to blend in with the furniture!

Such a gorgeous boy

Totally relaxed

That was tasty, what ever it was!

A shoe, the best toy of all!

How sweet

Can I help?

Oscar is now 10 weeks

Weight 5.5kg

How sweet

Oscar is now 12 weeks

Here comes Oscar

Having fun in the woods

Always time for a paddle

All ready and waiting to go training

Getting a big boy

Always take time to stop and smell the flowers

Oscar is now 6 months old

Weight 15kg

Oscar's 1st Christmas in his new home


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